The Alpina B7 is Like Your Own Private Jet
The Alpina B7 is Like Your Own Private Jet


Our company was founded by a Navy pilot, so everything we do is full of aviation imagery and metaphors.

Because of that, we love to compare our various sport-luxury cars to types of aircraft. Some, like our

Porsche 911 Turbo for sale could be compared to a fighter jet. It’s a small, agile machine, with a no-nonsense interior. Everything in it is designed for speed. Others, like our 2011 Alpina B7 For Sale are more like a private jet. You’ve got plenty of room to stretch out and relax with every creature comfort you could imagine. Plus, enough power to cross countries with ease.

Now, for those of you who don’t obsess about German tuning companies like we do, you might not be familiar with the name Alpina. While AMG is an in-house branch of Mercedes, Alpina is an entirely separate company from BMW. The cars even get unique Alpina VINs. So Alpina takes a “normal” 7 series (if that’s a car that can be called normal), and totally reworks it. Sure, you get a gorgeous set of 21 inch wheels, but Alpina is not a cosmetics company. They add in bigger turbos, a beefed up drivetrain, new pistons, lower and stiffer springs, absolutely massive brakes, and more. All in, you’re looking at an extra one hundred horsepower over the 7 series. An extra hundred horsepower. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.


Even with five hundred horsepower available to your right foot, the Alpina B7 remains a quiet and refined way to soar between cities.

Similar to a luxury aircraft, there is very little sensation of speed or acceleration. The first time you really step on it, it’s easy to be a bit underwhelmed. There’s no screaming exhaust or smoking tires like on some of our AMGs. You just glide forwards on an effortless wave of power. It all feels rather tame up until you look at the heads up display, and realize you’re doubling or tripling the speed limit.


It doesn’t try to punch you in the kidney with ferocious upshifts. There’s just a seamless push forwards. While the steering has that familiar BMW weight and feel to it, Alpina keeps things a bit softer than what a regular M variant will be. While it would be easy to think of this as an outsourced M7, that doesn’t paint the whole picture. The B7 is much more of a grand tourer than it is a track monster. Again, less F-18, more Gulfstream.

2011 Alpina B7-no bar-2

The Alpina B7 does introduce the difficult decision of whether it’s better to drive, or be driven. All of us here at Pure Pursuit, and probably most of you, love driving more than almost anything else. So why would you ever give up the driver’s seat to someone else? Well, that’s an easy one. The rear passenger area of the B7 is nicer than my last apartment. And probably more spacious.

Because our Alpina is the long wheelbase model, it is just as pleasant in the rear seats as it is up front. The rear leg room of this sedan is better than the front leg room in most of our other cars. Once you figure in the individual screens for both rear passengers, as well as the electric window shades on both rear windows, as well as the rear windshield, it really does feel like you’re travelling by private jet. But without all of the TSA headaches. Slip in a DVD, plug in your headphones, raise all the shades, turn on the heated seats, and watch the miles just melt away. Sit down in Missouri, wake up in Colorado. Just like flying. But with an extra fuel stop.

But if you choose to be the pilot, you have an impressive array of systems at your disposal. The combination of the HUD with lane keep and collision avoidance systems certainly help you stay focused and safe. On the comfort side of things, the front seats are heated, cooled, and massaging. The steering wheel even has a heating element built in. So whatever conditions you encounter on the highway, you can relax in supreme comfort. All of these systems function in the background, under a healthy layer of leather and wood. They are unobtrusive, but allow you to relax as you really stretch the Alpina’s legs. Remember, these cars are designed for unrestricted Autobahns. They are built to transport businessmen at triple digit speeds for long periods of time. The only way to do that safely is for the driver to be as relaxed and confident as possible. If it can handle the A5 outside Frankfurt at full speed, it won’t even notice I-70 through Kansas.


Flying in economy class will certainly get you to your destination, and will even save you a fair bit of money.

Driving an economy car will get you to work perfectly fine, and can even get good mileage. But sometimes, you don’t want to just do the bare minimum.

Sometimes you want to go above and beyond.

Sometimes you want to travel in supreme luxury.

Sometimes you want to leave everybody in your dust.

Luxury is a difficult thing to quantify. If everybody has the same gadgets as you, do yours still feel special? In my mind, that’s the point of cars at this level: they should make you feel special. It should be something a little rare. As I said before, the BMW 7 series, especially with the long wheel base, is a world class luxury car in every possible way. Nobody will ever complain about it being too rough or barren. But sometimes you just need to go a step beyond that. A step above luxury, into a world of bespoke speed machines. For that, you need to step into the Alpina B7.

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Andrew Fails is an enthusiast to the core. His favorite past-time is photographing and testing out rare, sport-badged beasts. He has written for multiple publications, but none more dear to his heart than Pure Pursuit. When he’s not writing, photographing, and cruising in AMG’s, M’s and more, he can be found frequenting local hot spots with up and coming band activity, if he’s not at home cuddling with kitties.

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