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Where We Come From

Although founded in August 2013, this company’s story goes back to 2008. Our founder Glen Dakan, found it more than frustrating that he couldn’t get what he wanted. As a life-long car guy, he painstakingly researched his next car down to the trim and options he couldn’t live without. He was searching for no ordinary car: a 3 year old BMW M5 super-sedan. The only problem was, there wasn’t a 3 year old M5 for hundreds of miles from the Florida beach town he lived in. So much like you do when you can’t find an answer to a problem, he turned to the internet. There he found almost 100 in a nationwide search! Yet only a handful satisfied the year, colors, mileage, options, and trim he wanted and were thousands of miles away! He and his car friends were stumped. What to do?

Cobbling Together A Solution

As a Navy Pilot, Glen knew how to solve tough problems and at first this one seemed easy enough to solve, but several questions popped up: How would he get all the information he needed on the handful of cars he had narrowed? Would he waste a plane ticket to test-drive something not perfect or could he ship it? Was there a safe way to buy sight unseen without a test drive? How would finance, paperwork, registration, taxes and titling work across state lines? Glen cobbled together a solution to fix his market pain, but it wasn’t easy. As the time-starved customer, he had to seek out information using Google (of course) and enthusiast forums, educate himself, and pull the trigger for a nearly nationwide, sight-unseen rare vehicle purchase and delivery. The dealer was worthless in helping him. What was the dealer there for anyway? Glen did most of the work!

Why We’re Here

After finding he wasn’t alone in his market pain through the experiences of friends and enthusiasts who couldn’t get the exact car they wanted locally, he decided to start a new kind of “brokership” that could do what a traditional dealer wouldn’t: help customers find what they want and be the expert. That idea has turned into our current startup that we call your “New Breed of Dealer.”
As a founding team formed to include his wife Kelli as CFO, Mike as COO, David as VP of Technology, and John as the Director of the Marketing Vehicle Program, we now are concentrating on training and developing remote operators in the growing Pure Pursuit Nation. This pilot concept is already lowering shipping costs and provides a Pure Pursuit team member closer to you for continuing a relationship.
We found that our ideas have resonated with demanding car enthusiasts and found the best technology partners to make the dream a reality. We are here to combine our passionate team and unbeatable technology to ensure that your choices are nationwide.

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