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Frequently asked questions about our buying process.

Do you finance?
Yes we do! We have financing solutions for clients all over the country, as well as direct financing options for those living in Missouri or Kansas. We would be happy to discuss your options.
Do you take trades?
We accept all trades, and even if you live out of state we can appraise your vehicle and make a deal with you! If we are not able to see your trade in person we will get some general information from you regarding the vehicle, and offer you an initial floor price. We will at our cost arrange to have a 3rd party inspector to come to you and provide us a completely independent inspection so that we can increase the trade value of your vehicle. We are able to do this regardless of where you live in the US.
What if I live in another state?
Please do not hesitate to call 24/7 (really!) at 816-659-3027 (or text at 816-892-0741), and we are reachable by e-mail 7am – 11:59pm CST every day. Ask us to Skype / Facetime / Google+ Hangout to see the car live and we can even do a short custom video if you request! Our goal is for you to be completely comfortable with this car.

Can you ship to me?






Yes we can! We work with a trusted shipping network to ensure your vehicle arrives safely to you in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

How do inspections work?




We gladly work with 3rd party inspectors, if you choose to have one sent out to inspect the car on your behalf. We can provide you with a list of companies that provide this service. These inspectors are truly 3rd party to us, and we receive no compensation for recommending any company. We will also gladly take a vehicle to a local inspector if you choose. In the event that we must take a vehicle to an inspector on your behalf, we charge a $100 convenience fee to cover our costs in time and resources.

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August 4, 2014 Jeff Albright I purchased my 2011 M3 convertible a week ago, and this was the most relaxed, stress free experiences in car buying. The concept is great and Bret was very helpful in helping make my decision the right one. My only fear is that this could become a problem for me because I do like unique cars and Pure Pursuit will no doubt find the..

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