Frustrated with the Traditional Dealership Experience? Meet Your New Breed of Dealer Luxury Sports Cars
Frustrated with the Traditional Dealership Experience? Meet Your New Breed of Dealer Luxury Sports Cars

What the heck is Pure Pursuit? What’s this “Luxury Sports Cars New Breed of Dealer” non-sense?Why should I care?

Let me tell you who we are by telling you who we’re not. We’re not your traditional car dealer. You’ve probably even seen the term “New Breed of Dealer” floating around our material. Why? This reason: unlike all the other traditional dealers, we are here to cater to enthusiasts; the exact opposite of what you normally see at a dealership. We are here to be the new breed of dealer that accelerates this industry and changes your enthusiast buying experience.

Pure Pursuit is a Naval Aviation aerial combat term, and it translates to one thing: Keep your target in sight. Our target never changes: You.

Are you ready to strap in and join us?

alt=" Glen Dakan, The Pilot of the Anti-Dealer"

For an enthusiast like you, a traditional dealership is your worst nightmare. You don’t need some ego-maniac who has to have his name and blinding decals on every inch of your car buying experience. These are the same businesses who try to convince you that you need a base model rather than what you really want: a car created for an experience, not just a mere transport from A to B. The traditional luxury dealer knows they are your only local option and will force you into the car that isn’t exactly right for you.

 They were your only option, until now. We know the pains associated with trying to find the sport luxury car you want when there are only a few, even nationwide. That’s why we developed, through technology and hard work, a way to make sure you don’t have a car sitting in your garage that just screams: “I settled”.

Don’t ever settle. You get what you want and so do we. You call the shots everywhere else, and yet you are still at the mercy of your local dealer. Will they ever call me back about that M3 I want?


We won’t accept that, and we believe you shouldn’t either. Instead of you calling us every couple of weeks, we are actively searching for your car and making sure you’re getting some of the best prices nationwide. We keep you continually updated and work with you regularly to ensure you get the car you want. No more guessing games. No more hoping the stars align. You set your sights, and we pursue the target.

Our headquarters are located in Kansas City, Missouri, but our team is nationwide: 15 cities and counting. We are comprised mostly of a unique mix of Aviators and Car Enthusiasts. Our tech and office wizards are continuously streamlining and simplifying every part of your buying process. If you can believe it, only one team member has any dealership experience and we treat that as a badge of honor, since we don’t have any of that old school dealership baggage.

Every person on our team has one thing in common – we work hard to get what we want and we never stop improving. Endless waiting lists, bait and switch games, price gouging for rare cars, and the fact that we know more about the car we want than the dealer.


Our people and our technology make that model obsolete.


While other dealers will sell anything with wheels, we are actively fine tuning our technology and processes specifically for the sport-luxury enthusiast like you. We only stock and deliver what we love, because we know you’re just like us. We never stop learning, adapting, and growing because we want to push this industry to its limits.

alt="the anti-dealer is pushing this industry to it's limits"

Can a tech startup like us push this industry to its limits? Without a doubt. We’re already on our way.

In our short journey thus far, we have proven that sport luxury enthusiasts are underserved, and we are the industry leaders to change that.

We’re glad you’ve made it this far, now let’s fill you in on what we’ve been up to.

Understanding our Journey

We started, like any other company, as just an idea in the head of Glen Dakan, our Founder and CEO.

We started out with what they call in tech startup circles a “Risky Assumption”: Do traditional dealers leave enthusiast car buyers underserved? Are there pain points in that process that we can alleviate?

While he was able to prove some risky assumptions and recruit investors and management to his business plan, that alone wouldn’t work for long. No battle plan survives first contact and no one person can enact major change without a great team. We needed to grow. We needed to prove more assumptions while staying lean, like any startup.

We started hiring tech savvy enthusiasts quickly, like Grant, Lisa, Bret, and Bob. We started just 10 months ago with a one-man operation at headquarters with no HR processes (you have to have more than one human for that), no phone system, and a desk that appears to have been shoplifted from a 1970’s thrift store.

Our initial Risky Assumption: Can you convince people to buy high end luxury sports cars over the internet while investing as little as possible into overhead? In those days, we made our first sales and had customers fly in and buy sight unseen over the internet, all with investing in a world class internet footprint and very little physical footprint. Ask us anytime about the details on how the hell we did that.

No matter how tech-driven we are, we keep in mind one simple truth: It’s all about the people, it always has been.

Our intelligent, driven people have defined a unique buying experience for the most important people: You, our customer. Our buying experience is one that customers are raving about. Just google Pure Pursuit’s reviews to see for yourself.

We have gone from a theory and a pain point, to a proven method with satisfied customers that we knew were there all along.

We’re excited to tell you more and have you join us on our journey to change the enthusiast buying experience, whether in the US or even worldwide (we’ve got our eye on you China)

About Pure Pursuit:

Pure Pursuit is Kansas City’s premier Luxury Sports Car Dealer. We Specialize in Mercedes- Benz AMG’s, BMW M’s, Audi S/RS, Porsche Turbo/S, and more. We ship Worldwide, and deliver concierge-level service that customers are raving about. See For Yourself Here!


About the Author: Grant Braaten, is Digital Marketing Manager of Pure Pursuit Automotive. Grant is proud to be from the greatest city in the world, Kansas City, MO. His general distaste for being a cog in the corporate system led to him to contribute to three KC startups before founding his own Non-Profit. He has the honor of being the first employee at Pure Pursuit’s nationwide headquarters…Learn more about Grant here:


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