The M5 – A Fantastic Representation of the Breed
The M5 – A Fantastic Representation of the Breed

We like to consider our Kansas City headquarters to be less of a showroom, and more of a gallery. That is why we chose the Crossroads District as our home. There is all manner of art on display, and it is constantly changing. Some of it is paintings, some of it is mixed media wall hangings, and some of it is high end machinery. Our gallery is full of a wide variety of sport luxury vehicles, from Porsches, to Jaguars, to Mercedes-Benzes. But the current star of the show is our 2014 BMW M5 For Sale.

While we love all types of sports cars, the M5 holds a very special place for us. Not just because of its prowess, but because Pure Pursuit would not exist without it. The initial motivation for forming our company was the difficulty in sourcing an M5. A few years back, our CEO and founder, Glen Dakan, wanted to buy a BMW M5. Any dealer he spoke to had no idea how to find one, or ship it, or verify the quality of it out of state. He knew the car he wanted, but nobody could seem to handle the logistics of tracking it down, and getting it to his door.

Pure Pursuit Automotive was created to save other people from this headache. We can handle the entire purchase process online, from beginning to end. We’ll show you the inspection report, a hundred or more photos, nearly half an hour of HD video, and more, of every car, and then get it to your door, without you ever having to set foot in a dealership, or hear the phrase, “let me check with my manager.”

In addition to being the spark for the creation of our company, the M5 is the pinnacle of the type of car we love here. BMW basically created the idea of the sport luxury sedan back in the 1980s. The concept is so simple, that it is no wonder it has become widespread. Take the best drivetrain and suspension you can design, and then cram it all under the skin of a family sedan. You wind up with a car that can embarrass the majority of purebred sports cars, while still having every creature comfort you could desire.

Our specific M5 is a fantastic representation of the breed. It is crammed chock full of technology to make your commute as free of stress as possible, even if your commute takes place at triple digit speeds. Some of the features are just to make you comfortable. It has heated and cooled seats to keep you relaxed. Personally, I recommend opening the sunroof in the fall, and then turning on the heated seats. You get some nice brisk air to keep you alert, but you still stay cozy.


As for audio entertainment, you have multiple options. Being a BMW, you of course have the Bang & Olufsen stereo. That system can pull media from the AUX or USB ports in the center armrest, or even off of the internal hard drive. But as nice as the Bang & Olufsen sounds, it cannot hold a candle to the bellow of that V8. Our specific M5 has even been modified with a more free-flowing exhaust, so you get even more delicious noise from out back. So sure, you can relax with some Kenny G, or you can intimidate Porsches. Your choice.

On the other end of the technology spectrum are the systems designed to keep you safe. The M5 is a grand tourer in the greatest definition of the term. It is designed to cover vast distances at high rates of speed. To that end, it has a vast arsenal of safety features. First and foremost is the heads up display. At the rate that this car accelerates, it is incredibly helpful to be able to keep an eye on your important metrics without taking your eyes off the road. So the HUD projects your current speed, as well as the GPS verified speed limit of the road you are currently on. Being able to see both is a very helpful thing, as the M5 is not exactly a fan of going slow. In M mode, it will even display your current engine RPM, allowing you to make the best use of the paddle shifters.

To the left of the steering wheel is an array of buttons to manage your other on-board safety systems. These can all be toggled on or off as the situations change. You have a blindspot detection system, which will notify you of any nearby vehicles when making lane changes. There is also a frontal collision warning system, which, shockingly, warns of impending frontal collisions. The third in the trio of safety systems is the lane departure warning. This will monitor the lane markings to ensure you do not drift out of your lane.

Around town, you might not need all of these systems. But the BMW M5 For Sale is not just a grocery-getter. It is designed to cruise at very high rates of speed, so allowing the computers to help keep you safe is not the worse idea. Of course, you should always rely on your own senses first and foremost, but the on-board sensors can assist you, and give you that extra split second of warning.


Now, all of the technology in the world is a wonderful perk, but it does not tell the whole story. Yes, we are all tech nerds here at Pure Pursuit, but the thing we love more than bleeding edge tech is our fast toys. From planes, to cars, if it has an engine and can throw you back in your seat, we are into it. So the BMW can’t be just a bunch of razzle dazzle, it needs to have some serious muscle to back it up.

Have no fear, the M5 earns its M badge honestly. The steering is typical modern BMW. Even in comfort mode, it is very direct, and gets tighter the more you turn up the performance settings. While very heavy, it never feels nervous or twitchy. You always feel connected, and are able to instantly correct for when that massive engine breaks the rear tires loose. Even with all the power on hand, the car never feels scary. It is one of those beautiful machines where the chassis is far more capable than you are. Even if you exceed the grip of the tires, it remains predictable. That is the mark of a true performance vehicle. It should perform exactly as you expect, every single time.

While at home on the autobahn, the M5 is still a capable weapon when the roads get narrow and winding. The broad powerband ensures that you are never hunting for horsepower. At every RPM, in every gear, the M5 pulls effortlessly. This can allow you to just leave the transmission in third gear and use that mid-range torque, but that misses half the fun. Even if you are a purist who loves manual transmissions, the DCT dual clutch transmission of the BMW is one of the best tools for hard driving. In some performance cars, there is a noticeable delay in between pulling a paddle shifter, and when the transmission actually changes up or down. Not in the M5. The shifts are almost instantaneous. So feel free to bang up and down the gears, exploring the entire rev range. The modified exhaust sounds too amazing to not exploit every inch of that powerband.

There is a reason that a BMW M5 was there at the birth of our little company. In every iteration, they have been the epitome of sport luxury, and we will continue to carry them as long as that continues.  Our 2014 carries on that proud tradition. Whether picking the kids up from school, running hot laps at a track day, commuting to work, or eating up the highway miles, the M5 can handle everything you throw at it. BMW loves to call their cars The Ultimate Driving Machines, and if our M5 is any scale to judge by, they might have a point.

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Andrew Fails is an enthusiast to the core. His favorite past-time is photographing and testing out rare, sport-badged beasts. He has written for multiple publications, but none more dear to his heart than Pure Pursuit. When he’s not writing, photographing, and cruising in AMG’s, M’s and more, he can be found frequenting local hot spots with up and coming band activity, if he’s not at home cuddling with kitties.

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