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Launched in August 2013, Pure Pursuit Automotive is an automotive technology startup that is improving the enthusiast purchase experience. We are just like you, and we want to get exactly what we want.

The term “Pure Pursuit” is a Navy aerial combat term (fitting that the company was founded by a Naval Aviator) meaning to keep your target in your sights. Learn more on the aerial combat terms including other forms of Pursuit here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_pursuit

We are a nationwide team of car enthusiasts and pilots (five of us are both so pardon the aviation stuff), who see a lot of pains associated enthusiast buying. You can finally afford the car of your dreams but don’t have the time to ensure you buy the right one, at the right price, delivered to your door. That is where we come in to make your life easier.

We don’t cater to the masses, nor do we cater to the ultra-elite. We don’t stock any base 3 series here, nor do we stock exotics that are out of reach of normal people. Unlike the other guys, we take pictures in front of planes because a lot of us are pilots, not because we’re trying to be something we’re not.

We are here to be your new breed of dealer.

We want you to be able to Test Drive Like Nowhere Else with our hand-selected PureCertified inventory or Get Exactly What You Want through our PureConcierge brokering.

Join us as a Sport-Luxury Pilot. Upshift Your Expectations

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Pure Pursuit Automotive


1619 Walnut St.

Kansas City, MO 64108

Certified: Pure Pursuit Automotive

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