My Baby-Step Into the Luxury-Sport World
My Baby-Step Into the Luxury-Sport World

I just recently lost my luxury/sport car virginity.

Now realistically we are not talking about a Bimmer or a CLS, but more of a tier 2 luxury ride. I upgraded from a 1996 Honda Civic with 232,000 miles (not exactly sport-lux) to a beautiful Infiniti G35x. Now I understand that Infiniti is considered to be more entry-level for luxury, but I’ve never been anywhere close. I needed a nice, dependable car, and I have had a crush on Infiniti’s ever since I drove one for the first time.

In the early days of Pure Pursuit (ahh nostalgia), one of the first cars I remember having in stock was a 2011 Infiniti G37x.

2011 Infiniti G37x For Sale

I came to Pure Pursuit with very limited knowledge in the Sport-Luxury realm. Obviously I knew the cars were amazing, but I had no grid for sport badges and tiers. To me, they must have all been somewhat equal. Without a filter or bias, I was able to objectively look at each car to learn what I loved. I kid you not, that G37 still sticks out in my mind after all the other cars we’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, I think the CLS63 AMG is the most perfect car on the planet, and a G37 doesn’t compete, but the car just had a certain quality that stuck with me. Before I “knew any better”… I fell in love. It’s kind of like living in a small town and falling in love with the prettiest girl in town, believing it doesn’t get better until you move to a big city and realize there are plenty of prettier girls; they just don’t have that something special that the small town girl had. That was so incredibly sappy, but you get the point.

Being employee #1 at Pure Pursuit (a fact I like to remind everyone of on occasion. It’s a badge of honor), I had the privilege of picking up the customer who purchased the G37 from the airport. It’s about a 25 minute drive to the airport from our old location, so I got a good chunk of time with the car. Of course my nubile car brain related to me that the car was “nice” when I first got inside, but once I started to drive I remember thinking, “Dang, if I were to design an interior, this is exactly what I would want”. This one in particular had the darker colored interior with the glossy maple wood accents, which I loved, though I now prefer the brushed aluminum look. When I realized that the sound system was a Bose system, of course I tested it out. I couldn’t complain. Once I got it on the highway, the whole picture became clear that this car was more than capable. It was a tasteful, edgy compilation of features done with unique style. That uniqueness stuck with me. You can always tell when you’re in an Infiniti; it has that flare specific to the brand.

2011 Infiniti G37x For Sale

I picked up our customer from the airport, handed him the keys and had him drive us back to our headquarters. Me being a Kansas City fanatic, I talked his ear off as I gave him a tour of the city. That’s why I love being Kansas City’s Premier Sport-Luxury Dealer; we get to sell the coolest cars in the coolest city on the planet. Don’t argue with me; you’ll lose. In between my rants about the greatness of our city, our customer who flew in from Ohio relayed why he decided to pull the trigger on this G37. He had owned an Infiniti a few years before and he traded it in for a different car. He had been kicking himself ever since because he just missed that certain something that these cars have. He was smirking the whole drive back as that sense of familiarity kicked in. They say familiarity breeds contempt, but not in this scenario. When we got to our offices, we got his paperwork done (and I have to brag here, deal with it) in 27 freaking minutes. Seriously.

Once the whole deal was done and I drove home in my wife’s car, a 2008 Nautical Blue Scion XD (more about that here)

I kept thinking about that car and how I hadn’t enjoyed driving that much in a long time. It made me feel the way my first car did – a Mazda MX-6 – still very fun, but in a more refined, grown- man kind of way. A while later we actually had an IPL in stock, which just confirmed my love.

Since then, we have had every Sport-Lux dream car you can think of in our Kansas City location, and I have oogled all of them sufficiently. Every new AMG that comes in gets a bit of extra attention from me; however, In the back of my mind, I always thought that if I were to jump into this realm of cars it would be an Infiniti.

That’s how we got to where we are now. I needed a new car badly, but I also wanted a car that I could truly enjoy. When our Owner, Glen Dakan asked me what I would want if I could have my choice, of course I said an Infiniti. So my search began. Many of you may not know yet that we actually have a sister company, Exception Autos, that specializes in luxury cars that are a little older and outside of Pure Pursuit’s timeline. Danny Kidwell, who is the Sales Manager of that company and a close friend, made my search a billion times easier. He personally found me a Charcoal Gray G35x that had everything I wanted. I was so giddy when we went to look at it that you would have thought I was a 10 year old getting his first Xbox. I went home that evening and couldn’t think about anything else. I sat on my couch and flipped through pictures of the car and watched videos for hours. I am NOT that guy. I’ve never been that guy. Until I was. It only takes one good experience with a car to make you an enthusiast.


Once I actually drove the car home, it felt a lot like the G37 I drove before.

I kept peeking out of my window at random times just to look at it in my driveway. My wife many times would say “you’re thinking about the car, aren’t you…” She was right. When I took her on a date in the car a few days later, she understood. I took my 3 year old son on a drive to the store and he said, “Daddy this is you fast car.” That’s right, Son. Later I went to pick up my dad at the airport, which felt eerily reminiscent to my first Infiniti experience. Only this time it was mine. My dad is an enthusiast himself, though more on the classic side. I couldn’t wait to show him every feature. Strangely enough, that wasn’t the case with my Honda the last time I picked him up at the airport. My first drive to work was the most enjoyable drive to work in recent memory. It just felt right. I have enjoyed every drive since. Every time I go somewhere, I remember what I’m driving to get there, and I smile. That’s what a car should do. I’m sold.

Here’s some of the things I love about this car:

  • The Heated Seats – Ok, I know this isn’t a big deal anymore, but I’ve never had it. I don’t want to buy another car without it.
  • The Paddle Shifters – Granted, I have used them once. But they look bad to the bone. Therefore they contribute to the overall awesomeness.
  • The Nav Screen – Another First for me. I can even watch movies on it. It just feels slick.
  • The Power – I know that 306hp seems paltry compared to the cars we have in inventory at Pure Pursuit, but it sure feels nice getting up to speed on an on-ramp long before I need to. Naturally, that was a problem with the Honda. I also like the nice throaty grumble the car has; sounds a bit ticked off.
  • The Badging – The badging on the door seal is a huge plus for me, though I’m not sure why. Super clean, super awesome.


So after marketing Sport Luxury cars for quite some time, I have stepped into that world for myself. It may be a baby step, but I’m here. There’s nothing about this car I would change. It’s funny, because I just talked with a guy who works for a company that we partner with today and as we talked about the cars in our interactive showroom, he said to me, “You know what car I had that I always miss? My 2007 G35X. There was just something about it.” I totally get you, man. I totally get you.

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About the Author: Grant Braaten, is Digital Marketing Manager of Pure Pursuit Automotive. Grant is proud to be from the greatest city in the world, Kansas City, MO. His general distaste for being a cog in the corporate system led to him to contribute to three KC startups before founding his own Non-Profit. He has the honor of being the first employee at Pure Pursuit’s nationwide headquarters…Learn more about Grant here:

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