My One of a Kind Experience
My One of a Kind Experience

Pure Pursuit: More than Just the Company Name

Hello all! I’m Courtney Wells. I’m the new marketing intern on the block here at Pure Pursuit Automotive, and I couldn’t be more excited to start my journey here! I hope to be able to keep you all updated throughout my experiences here as I go on this journey, but first I want to give you a little information about me and let you know how I ended up at Pure Pursuit.

About Me

I hail from Wichita, KS, but go to school in the Kansas City area. I am currently a senior at William Jewell College, a small liberal arts college of about 1,100 people in Liberty, MO. I am pursuing my degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communication. I am also on the golf team at William Jewell and am involved with my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha.


So why Jewell?

Firstly, golf. The golf coach had been recruiting me intensely since my junior year of high school, and he really got me interested. I made a recruiting trip to Jewell early in the fall semester of my senior year, and I was sold. There was no changing my mind. The campus was beautiful, and I just knew it was where I was meant to be. The other reason I went to William Jewell was the academics. They have a highly-awarded academic program that was very appealing to me. The class sizes were about the size of my typical high school classes, if not smaller, and all the teachers seemed genuinely interested in developing personal relationships with their students.


Why Business Administration? Why marketing?

Like I said above, my first reason for going to Jewell was for the golf program. Going into college, I was unsure of what specifically I wanted to do after graduation, but I knew I wanted to enter the business world. It took me until my sophomore year to figure out what specifically I wanted to do when I graduated. I knew marketing was what I wanted to pursue, and I haven’t looked back since. There was one problem: Jewell didn’t offer marketing as a major or a minor. This was when I started crafting my Jewell experience. I added my minor to give me extra knowledge that would be beneficial for me as I transitioned out of Jewell and into the marketing world.

I also started gaining real-life experiences to enhance my learning. My sophomore year, I was involved with a group of students that helped write a marketing plan for a small start-up bakery in Kansas City. As a junior, I got to complete a consulting experience through William Jewell with VML. I also got to use a grant from my school to go on a marketing trip to San Francisco, CA. While in California, I got to immerse myself in many different aspects of marketing, such as sports marketing and tourism marketing. After these unique experiences, I was just reassured that my decision to go into marketing was a good decision.

I also got a couple internships that helped me develop my own skills. The summer going into my junior year, I completed an internship at Bombardier Learjet in the Program Management Office. While there, I was put in charge of a high-profile project that involved a somewhat large team of engineers from different departments. As the program management representative on the team (with guidance from my mentor, of course), I monitored the status of the project and its different tasks, lead daily meetings with the project team, and managed the different documents that went along with the project. At this internship, I really felt like I was able to develop myself as a leader and grow as a businesswoman.

The other internship I completed was at Textron Aviation, specifically Beechcraft. The summer going into my senior year, I interned in the Program Management Office there, but the scope was a little different than the summer before. I was basically my supervisor’s right hand woman. If he had a task that needed completed, I was assigned the task and completed it for him. I did a lot of document writing, as well as providing assistance for the other members of his team. My tasks were a little smaller in scope, but I was still able to grow my leadership skills and develop more experience in the business world.

How did I end up at PPA?

I owe this internship in large part to one of my teachers, Landon Young. He knows Glen Dakan, the Owner of Pure Pursuit and saw my passion for marketing, and he was able to connect me with Glen and hook me up with this internship.

I don’t necessarily consider myself “car-savvy,” but I do enjoy looking at nice cars, especially the cars in our office area. I can’t tell you what each little part is on the car; but getting to see a Porsche 911 for sale one day and BMW M5 for sale the next on our showroom floor definitely makes me salivate. It pays to be Kansas City’s premier Sport Luxury Dealership.

Here’s where the connection with aviation comes in. Glen was a Naval aviator, and I had two summers of experience in the aviation industry. Here’s where my connection gets even crazier. While Glen was in the Navy, he trained in the T-6B aircraft, which is the program that I got to work on while I was at Beechcraft. Small world, right?

Pure Pursuit was also named after an aerial combat term.

The aerial combat term “pure pursuit” means that an aircraft is pursuing another aircraft head-on, always keeping its target in its sights. This resonates with me not only because it is an aviation term, but because it’s the way I have approached my college experience, and what this internship means to me. Throughout college, everything I have done and every opportunity I have taken advantage of has been because I have kept my target—a career in marketing—in my sights at all times. This internship is another way I am keeping my target in my sights.  It’s giving me the chance to really develop myself and my passion for marketing, and to give me a chance to learn more about marketing. It is giving me yet another chance to keep my target in my sights.

What am I looking forward to?

This internship gives me so much to look forward to. From the minute I walked into the offices to get a tour before my first day of work, I knew this was going to be a one of a kind experience that I would definitely enjoy. After meeting with the team, I was even more excited to start my work, because everyone on the team seemed so willing to help me learn. Grant Braaten, the Digital Marketing Manager, and Glen both want to help me learn more about my interests and give me the experiences that will help me grow. This company is so modern and so advanced in what they are doing as well. All this combined has me really excited for what is to come! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Stay tuned for more updates!

About Pure Pursuit:

Pure Pursuit is Kansas City’s premier Luxury Sports Car Dealer. We Specialize in Mercedes- Benz AMG’s, BMW M’s, Audi S/RS, Porsche Turbo/S, and more. We ship Worldwide, and deliver concierge-level service that customers are raving about. See For Yourself Here!

About the author:

Courtney Wells is a marketing intern at Pure Pursuit Automotive. A native of Wichita, KS, she is pursuing her Business Administration degree while cultivating her passion for marketing. In her free time, you can probably find her on the golf course or catching up on all things sports.

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