Recovering the Awe of the Beasts
Recovering the Awe of the Beasts

When I first started at Pure Pursuit, every bell and whistle excited me like a kid getting a new Hot Wheel.

I went crazy over the sound systems, the heated seats, the carbon fiber, etc. until I started to realize that many of the cars at this level have the same features as their competitors. This market is highly competitive between different manufacturers, and they try to stay ahead by offering features before other manufacturers catch up. The truth is, if a feature is truly remarkable, every manufacturer has some variation of that feature within a few years. Believe it or not, even though these cars are remarkable, there is a sense of familiarity that sets in that can even leave us looking at them as just another inventory car. Sometimes we forget the awe that comes with these beasts because they become redundant to us here at our dealership in Kansas City, MO. When those standard features no longer excite me, I find that it is the unique touches that are particular to that vehicle that end up sticking with me. Heated seats? Greeeaaat. Back-Up cam? Great… Now the questions are, “What does this car have that others don’t? What is the touch that is there just because it’s awesome though it’s not necessary? What does this car do that inspires awe?”

With that in mind I put my hands on each car we have currently and asked myself these questions. I sought to regain the awe for these cars that they deserve. I never want them to be “just another car,” because I know they are never “just another car” to the customer. These are your babies; these are the cars that are your reward for working so hard, your statement to the world, your source of fun and entertainment. I want to keep that awe that comes naturally to you. So here we are, my favorite unique features in each car currently in our inventory. Let’s see what we find!



*Let’s start with one of our newest additions, Our 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS For Sale:

Now call me crazy, but I actually prefer the Panamera over every other model Porsche offers. Yes, that includes the 911. I have heard many enthusiasts complain about how big the Panamera is, and how they love the feel of a coupe. This 4 door super car comes with every option you could want while maintaining performance; a very complete car. The obvious unique feature would be the rounded/elongated back that makes it a Panamera. This affords a ton of headroom in a performance car, which is nearly oxymoronic. If that’s a word. The feature that stands out to me can be filed under the “completely unnecessary but straight up baller” category. See for yourself:



As You can see, it is completely unnecessary, but it gives that extra little wow factor that sends it over the edge for me. It may not be the craziest feature ever, but it is so memorable that it is what I will always associate with the Panamera from here on out.

Awesomeness Score - 9




*Next, we move to the 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera For Sale.

I have to admit, I have never been the biggest 911 fan on the planet. I tend to lean towards luxury, and the 911 felt too unrefined and wild for me. However, when I came into work the first day this thing was in the showroom, I had to stop while my eyes popped out of my head. This thing is just plain gorgeous. I specifically love the rounded body towards that sets the wheels off; the “hips” if you will. I actually said to one of my sales guys, “If this thing was a human, it would be Beyonce.” Yes, I actually say these sorts of things. Do yo thang Sasha Fierce.

So other than the “hips” (which aren’t unique enough to note), what feature stuck out to me?

Other than the fact that one of our sales guys, Mike Curran, can fit in the “trunk” and it has the coolest freaking cup holders ever…no for real, I’m not joking:

What you have to love about this car is less aesthetic, and more performance, as I would expect from a Porsche. It’s the launch control that does it for me:

Awesomeness Score - 7.5




*On to the Stunning 2014 Range Rover HSE For Sale

Though I have a hard time falling in love with SUV’s, Range Rover has never ceased to blow me away. There are obvious ridiculous features such as the glossy black interior with the glowing light that peeks between the cracks, the insanely large Panoramic moonroof, self-parking, or the ridiculously smooth ride that it offers. I remember once describing it to my mom as “sitting inside of a marshmallow that’s as quiet as a Catholic mass as it floats on clouds.” While the ride is memorable, what is the quality that sticks out me?


Seriously…It’s the built-in drink cooler. It’s so not necessary, but it’s one of those things that feels cool to have. Pardon the pun. Like, who really needs that? No one, but who wouldn’t show that thing to their friends first when they get in your car? It may not be that practical, as Range Rover would have you believe, but it is memorable. Remember, this list is not the best features, but rather the most unique.

Awesomeness Score - 6.5




*So how about a little BMW supercar action? Let’s look at the 2014 BMW M5 For Sale

This is the Executive Package, so it is apparent that BMW went the extra mile with the fit and finish of this car. I love the carbon fiber tips on the exhaust pipes and the dark wood accents in the interior. The Merino leather is surprisingly plush, where it feels like you could drive this thing for hours on end without shifting your weight the whole time. You won’t believe how this thing sounds when it’s started. It sounds like a machine gun with a 4 foot wide barrel. Speaking of sounds, the thing that jumps out in this car is the audio feast BMW has prepared for your ears.


The Bang and Olufsen sound system is just plain ridiculous. As far as speaker integration, each system is custom built for that specific model of car. They are placed in optimal spots, not limited by the design of the manufacturer.  Rather than having a perfect location the hearer must be in to get optimal sound, the speakers spray at a 180 degree angle making the sound fuller while making the whole car a “sweet spot”. Believe me, you can tell the difference.

Awesomeness Score - 8




*Let’s move on to our 2011 Mercedes S63 AMG.

s63-no bar

The wood accents give this car a different feel than I’m used to with the other AMG’s we’ve had in stock. It can obviously perform as it is an AMG, but the interior is really the most unique area of the car. Specifically, the back seat. The crazy thing about this car is that it is made to drive or be driven. The rear seat package is the most striking feature, as it puts more comfort control at the fingertips in the backseat than some luxury cars have in the front! I have rarely seen this level of detail put into the comfort of the passengers. This package is just plain sweet.

Awesomeness Score - 8




*Now for one of the rarest cars in the nation, our 2012 Mercedes CL65 AMG For Sale.

When you approach this car, you quickly realize you are witnessing greatness. The premium leather package that creeps up the door trim and surrounds the vehicle is unforgettable, along with the gentle reminder of a V12 badge crested just above your front cup holders. I literally cannot find anything about this car that’s not to like. So what is it about this car that sticks with me? It sounds simplistic, but I have never seen it anywhere else. Everyone who sees the car remarks on the same thing. The B-Pillar is non –existent in between the Front and rear windows, giving a seamless look that is unmatched. Here’s what it looks like:

B pillar

Just another touch that is not practical, but has that wow factor that you never forget.

Awesomeness Score - 9




*What’s next you ask? The 2013 Audi RS5 For Sale

2013 Audi RS5-no bar

There is so much to love about this car, though much of it has been done before. I have personally enjoyed every Audi that I have experienced, as they have a smoothness and refinement that is specific to the brand. I seriously feel like you could blindfold me and I could tell by the acceleration and the way it transitions between gears if I’m in an Audi or not. So what stands out to me? The grill. Goodnight, that thing is open. It makes me want to sing some Nelly, Circa early 2000s, every time I see it. Seriously, I will remember that grill when I’m old and gray.

Awesomeness Score - 7Awesomeness Score - 7




*On to the bluest car I have ever known: the 2013 BMW M6 For Sale

2013 M6-no bar-2

I can’t state the obvious here and say that the unique factor on this car is the blue paint.  I feel like having paint as one of my features devalues the entire list; that’s a no-go. So is it the carbon fiber? No, that’s in everything now. Is it the fact that there is leather on like every square inch of the car? No. I’m going to give props to a safety feature, which I would never do unless the feature was this awesome. The Camera System on this thing is ridiculous – The surround camera makes this car stand out to me. You can literally see 270 out of a possible 360 degrees around the car. Like an out of body experience, you can see the full picture around you, providing more safety and reducing the risk of your beautiful M6 being harmed.

Awesomeness Score - 8





*And lastly, we have the 2013 Jaguar XFR-S For Sale


What’s not to love about this car? The carbon fiber touches all the way throughout this car are tastefully placed and are set off nicely by the red trim lines on the interior of the vehicle. The red calipers stick out better than many calipers I have seen, and it is amazing to see so much “sport” go into a sedan. Your eyes feel like they are playing tricks on you because you swear you have to be looking at a coupe with all the sport touches placed throughout. The sport touch that really separates this particular Jag is the Carbon Fiber rear wing (Spoiler) which is a cool $3,500 option on this particular 2013 Jaguar XFR-S For Sale. It is always the first thing you notice when this car pulls up, and it makes the car look like a flippin’ rocket. Super Baller.

Awesomeness Score - 9


Thank you for going on this short journey with me to rediscover the awe and wonder these beasts can create. I have now made a resolution that I will see every car that comes in with fresh eyes, because no two cars are the exact same. Being Kansas City’s premier Sport Luxury Dealership means that I may see M5 after M5 or AMG after AMG (First World Problems), but I am determined to find one thing that makes each car even more special. After all, these are our babies before they become yours. We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite feature in your sport-luxury beast?

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