The 2013 BMW M6 -Focused On Driving Experience
The 2013 BMW M6 -Focused On Driving Experience

BMW basically invented the modern concept of sport-luxury with the M5 of the 1980s.

It was designed to combine sports car performance with everyday comfort and practicality. This amalgamation of performance and comfort forms the backbone of everything we are passionate about here at Pure Pursuit. While BMW has begun to radically expand their range of vehicles lately with offerings such as the X5 and X6, their core models are still some of the best in the world. They have referred to their vehicles as “the ultimate driving machine” for years, which is why we are proud to only stock M cars at our Kansas City dealership.While that is a clever marketing slogan, there is more than a grain of truth to it. Nobody builds a sports coupe quite like BMW does. Our 2013 BMW M6 For Sale convertible is a shining example of the sort of marvels they craft over in Munich.

The M6 is everything that a grand tourer should be. It has enough comfort and compliancy to devour hundreds of miles of highway travelling, while still having enough performance to embarrass many of the “purebred” sports cars. BMW vehicles always strive to be the “jack of all trades”. Instead of needing a comfortable, relaxing car for the weekly grind, and a raw sports car for the sunny weekend, the M6 can cover all the bases. This dual nature makes the M6 one of the favorite cars of our Kansas City team. While the BMW certainly is crammed full of technology, the focus always remains on the driving experience.

While some cars in this market have fancy gadgets, just for the sake of being the first to debut a new feature, everything in the M6 is to enhance the experience of the driver.

No gimmicks here, just useful tools. Every system is discreetly integrated into the carbon fiber laced cockpit, and easily accessible to the driver. There are all manners of safety systems that can be toggled on or off, as the situation evolves. The included Driver Assistance package on this BMW has an impressive list of tools you can equip. Depending on your needs at the time, you can activate the frontal collision warning system, or lane tracking, or blind spot monitoring. All of these systems are easily accessed without diverting your eyes from the main gauge cluster. At the speeds this vehicle is capable of, it is important to be able to safely adjust the vehicle parameters without looking down to scroll through menus and tables.

That is not to say that the M6 is all business. There are plenty of creature comforts to relax you, whether you are just commuting to work, or crossing the continent. The Bang & Olufsen stereo can pull media from the on-board music collection held on an internal hard drive, or even from the AUX and USB inputs in the center armrest. The center armrest also holds a 12V power port for charging any electronic accessories you may have. To further prove its everyday usability, the BMW also has a heated steering wheel, and the front seats are both heated and cooled.

Due to the low and sleek design, visibility can sometimes be a concern. But the M6 is well prepared for this as well. In addition to the normal back-up camera, the BMW can also display a top down view of the entire car, allowing you to easily navigate in confined spaces. There are even a pair of angled cameras in the front of the vehicle that you can activate to see around corners at blind intersections. With all of these cameras and sensors, it is tempting to try and create your own one-man action movie. Don’t do that. Or if you do, show it to us.

2013 M6-no bar-2

Pure Pursuit was founded by a Navy pilot, and a large percentage of our Missouri team is made of other pilots.

Because of this, we all love the best of the M6’s features: the HUD. HUD is an acronym that stands for Heads Up Display. That’s a fancy way of saying that it shines stuff on the windshield. By toggling a small button to the left of the steering column, you can activate the HUD. It will then project your current speed, as well as the GPS verified speed limit of the road you are currently traveling on. All of this gets projected low on the windshield, so you can keep an eye on your speed without ever looking away from the road. It’s such a small thing, and doesn’t seem that important at first. But once you spend some time behind the wheel, you will wonder how you ever drove a car without one. Everything else feels positively archaic by comparison.

As is to be expected with a car of this caliber, almost everything in the BMW is adjustable. The steering and suspension can both be set to Sport, Sport Plus, or Comfort. They can even be adjusted independently of each other. So you could have the suspension set in Comfort mode for the rough pavement of downtown KC, but still have the steering set up for Sport Plus, to keep it nice and direct. The transmission can also be set to one of three settings. You can even adjust the throttle response of the M6 to Efficient, Sport, or Sport Plus. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. But instead of spending every drive flipping through different settings, you can just program the M buttons. There are two tiny buttons on the steering wheel marked as M1 and M2. Think of these as customizable presets. Just as many cars now have memory settings for the driver’s seat, the M6 has memory settings for the chassis. So with one press of a button, you can set everything to go full track mode with traction control off, full comfort, or somewhere in between. At the rate this car covers ground, it’s helpful to be able to do this without looking. Just keep your eyes on the HUD, tap M1, and let it fly.

2013 M6-no bar

A lot of people are worried about soft-top convertibles.

There are concerns about wind noise, leaks, and frailty. Those are things of the past. With the top up, you would barely know the M6 was a convertible, unless you looked. It is perfectly secure and comfortable inside, with all of the refinement one would expect from the craftsmen over at BMW. That being said, leaving the top up all the time misses the point of the car. Go ahead and lower it down using the control on the center console, and a whole new world opens up. Suddenly you get to hear all the wonderful noises of that magical engine. The smooth bellow of the exhaust is the first thing that you notice, but it’s all the smaller subtle noises that really round out the experience. There are faint whistles and wooshes from the turbos up front, and then lovely pops and crackles from the exhaust when you shift. None of this is raucous or intrusive, but it gives a little peek beneath the surface, and lets you know that this is not some posh posing poof, but is a car with serious sporting skills.

Our 2013 BMW M6 For Sale is the Swiss Army Knife of cars. With a few quick adjustments, it can fit almost any category. Drop the electric convertible top, set everything in Comfort mode, and you can enjoy the ride while listening to the Bang & Olufsen stereo. But then you can press another button, remove any slack or delay from the chassis, and simply destroy your favorite back road. With the M6 in full attack mode, and the tachometer displayed on the HUD, it is a precision weapon. Come down to our new gallery in the Crossroads, and take it for a spin, if it hasn’t sold yet!

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